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Westworld – my new TV crush

OHMYGODDIDYOUSEEWESTWORLDWASN’TITLIKETHEBESTTHINGEVERANDWHENISTHENEXTEPISODEBLOODYHELLINEEDTOSEEITNOW *ahem* I mean, did you happen to see the first episode of the Westworld series? Because it was damn bleeding can’t-peel-your-eyes-off-the-screen good. If you didn’t watch it then you should probably stop reading as I may accidentally spoiler-fy your brain. Seriously, though, if you didn’t watch it then you really need to go and watch it now. *stares* It’s…


Let’s talk about Narcos

Can we stop for a minute and talk about the demon telly box for just a goddamn hippo slinging second? And by demon, I mean that in a good way. Like sick. Sick for great. Sick for king. Long live the sick. ‘Cause never let it be said that I am not DOWN WITH THE KIDS. That’s down as in,…