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The Sheriff

On reading: The Sheriff by Simon Fairbanks

Title: The Sheriff Author: Simon Fairbanks From the back: The Sheriffs wander the clouds to keep peace across Nephos. Sheriff Denebola is recruited by young Toby to help rid his village of a winged demon. The demon has tormented the people of Angel’s Keep every night for the past week so Denebola vows to capture the creature. However, the demon…

The Garden by James Kester

On reading: The Garden by James Kester

Title: The Garden Author: James Kester From the back: Throughout human history, the peddlers of certainty have reigned supreme. When Galileo first cast doubt about the place of the Earth within the cosmos, he was condemned . . . Either you believed that God’s Eden was the garden of all life, or you were a heretic. 2045 – a mile-high…