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Merry Christmas

In search of creepy, festive reads

So, apparently, I blinked and there’s been a whole year of happenings and tinkerings and we’re nearly at Christmas AGAIN. I mean, that means 2016 is around the corner. That means there’s elves being put on shelves (and I’m not sure if they’re happy about it, or why people do it, but it’s a thing, right?) That means that Jason…

Merry Christmas

An offering of festive cheer

I will, officially, admit that it’s pretty much ok to talk about Christmas now. And that being the case, ’tis time to wish you a wonderfully merry and festive seasonal greeting. I hope the cockles of your hearts are warmed, your glasses are full, and your fires are lit well enough to keep the zombies away… *ahem* Sorry, about that,…