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Ripley and Diesel

News Bash

Today I return to the Dust Lounge to move some dust around, and generally bash your eyes with NEWS, sweet NEWS. And this news doesn’t involve any voting, politics or fact-checking so y’all can relax. NEWS 1 – the Dust Lounge is now populated with AN EXTRA KITTEN. Diesel needed some company, so Ripley has joined us. She’s a proper…

Double Vision Giveaway

Win a signed print copy of DOUBLE VISION

So DOUBLE VISION is a thing. A real-life bona fide thing that exists and I can touch it and I can sniff it and I can lick it. And I want to give one to you! Don’t worry, I won’t lick your copy. To celebrate the launch of DOUBLE VISION tomorrow I’m giving away a signed print copy right now.…