Tamara burns away the hours making pictures and putting one word after another until there’s a lot of words that may or may not make a lot of sense. Her pictures have found their way onto the pages of various magazines including Dodgem Logic by Alan Moore, DSLR User Magazine and Snap Magazine. Some of her words and stories hangout on the New Scientist Culture Lab website and in the Alarmist Magazine. Her novel ‘Grind Spark’ was longlisted for the Bath Novel Award 2014.

When not vomiting up ideas onto paper or Photoshop, she might be the one buried under books and beer on that sofa in the corner of the pub where there’s not enough light and you’d normally avoid because that’s where the crazy people go.

She’s currently based in the bull-ridden streets of Birmingham, UK, keeping her cat company. The cat, often known simply as ‘The Beast’, finds itself relatively well adjusted to life, despite the vet referring her for cat counselling at the age of 6 months.

If you happen to enjoy a dialogue based around 140 characters, you can find Tamara on twitter as @tamrogers.

For more wordage capacity, you can reach her at dust [at] thedustlounge [dot] com.

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